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Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural:- taken

The Lesson You’re Supposed to Learn: "Family is everything, especially when your family keeps getting slaughtered by demons."

The Lesson You Actually Learn: A co-dependent relationship is the only one that will make you truly happy. God, these two are almost too easy. Supernatural itself acknowledges the dysfunctional relationship between one of C-Dubs most adored sets of siblings, but at the end of the day, they just love each other, man. How can you not love love? Sera Gamble calls it “The epic love story of Sam and Dean,” and their soul mate status has been all but confirmed by Chuck Shurley himself. That’s sweet and all, but their twue wuv keeps breaking the world. And the fact that they could really care less about that fact as long as they have each other’s GQ good looks to angst at speaks for itself. Sam and Dean have both had meaningful relationships outside of each other, sure, but time and again, those relationships are dismantled, the pieces held up to the light and dismissed as something less than their epic Winchester bond. Go Google season four’s “Sex and Violence.” It’s okay. I’ll wait.
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