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Spn fic:- Just When You Think You've Hit Rock-Bottom! words 1124

Chapter One.

Tag to 10,23.
he Winchesters have released the Darkness, but there is a further complication to the already world-shattering disaster!

"I really miss him," the petulant voice grumbled. "He was perfect, right down to the cute little mole on his cheek."

The being he was talking to, and who had been subjected to this same litany more times than he cared to remember, ignored him, his thoughts dwelling on past glories, when Creation was his playing-field and he was the golden boy of Heaven.

"How I loved to bend him to my will. He was my clay to hone and form as I desired. Such a sweet sensitive soul. My hands ache to feel his soft skin..."


"That's enough Lucifer!" Michael finally growled. "I can take no more of your complaints. You had your chance at the Apocalypse and were defeated by a mere human vessel. I remained in control of mine while you messed up! It's all your fault we finished up here. Was it so difficult for you to dominate such a weak being?"

Lucifer shrugged. "Samuel's love for his brother was too strong. It overcame even the might of an arch-angel. Still, I had him here in the Cage at my mercy until that busy-body Death intervened. When I get out, the Grim Reaper will pay for taking my toy away."

"It's so boring without Sam. He was such a joy to possess in every way. How prettily he begged, those wide innocent eyes full of tears just before I put them out. He made such a sweet bedfellow too. I took great pleasure penetrating all his orifices. At times I would hold him close, like a lover. I believe he hated that more than the torture," Lucifer mused.

"He was only a human," Michael grunted. "You're making him out to be more significant than he deserves."


"You simply don't understand, Michael!" Lucifer answered. "You never got to wear your vessel, so you can't imagine how it feels to have something designed especially for you; that becomes an extension of your grace, that allows you to experience human sensations and emotions, that pumps blood around your new body, that makes you come alive."

"I had a vessel, which as it's still huddled over in the corner, must be visible to you." Michael reminded him waspishly.

Lucifer snorted, not even sparing the cowering Adam a glance. Michael hadn't allowed his brother to touch him, not that Lucifer wanted to. Sam was the only one worthy enough to hold the devil's undivided attention.

" The Winchester half-breed was a poor substitute, a temporary vessel, as Nick was for me, Mikey. Nothing compares to one configured exactly to your specifications!"


"As we have been condemned to this putrid Cage for all eternity, I doubt I'll be able to undergo the exhilarating experience of possessing Dean Winchester." the arch-angel replied sarcastically.

Lucifer clapped a hand on his shoulder. " I swear brother, you always were the one without vision, always going by the Book, by what our Father told us aeons ago. You should be a little more optimistic. Things may change.

After all we're immortal, at least until a blade smites us, and even then we do not really die, we are just condemned to limbo until the molecules of our grace find their way back together and are recomposed. You may yet get to be Regent of Heaven once again, and I to claim my rightful place as ruler of Hell."


"You're talking nonsense, Lucifer! No one would be careless enough to set us free. We're destined to rot in here for all eternity."

"You're so wrong, Mikey. The humans will make a mistake sooner or later. They keep messing up time after time. Want to have al little wager?" Lucifer winked at his brother angel.

"No," was the firm reply.


"Oh, come on, Take that stick out of your ass and have a little fun. Hell knows this place is as boring as shit. Just imagine how sweet it will be to clothe yourself in Dean Winchester. I can assure you there is no experience quite as arousing.

Michael glared at him but his resolve wavered. "Very well. What shall be the post?"

"Attaboy," Lucifer enthused. "Um...If we are freed from the Cage within the next five centuries, I win the bet. if it takes longer you win. Now I'm giving you the best odds as you can see, five centuries against the rest of eternity! As for the post? I win, you're my slave for one day and must do my bidding, You win, I'm yours."


Michael took a moment to consider. The odds were favourable to him. Five centuries were a speck in the ocean of time. They would never be freed so quickly.

"Very well," the arch-angel agreed. "But there have to be limits to the 'slave' notion. Nothing must be asked that will endanger Creation."

"You have my word, " Lucifer vowed.

"The word of Satan cannot mean much," Michael observed.

"Don't accuse me of lying. It's the one thing I have a rule about. I will never lie to anyone. I don't need to."

Michael inclined his head in assent. The bet was on.


Either Lucifer had the gift of clairvoyance or maybe he was just outrageously lucky, but it wasn't too long before the Cage was shaken by a tremendous force-wave that spread through the underworld like a tsunami and when it passed, Lucifer and Michael found themselves staring opened-mouthed like two children at the smoking crack in the wall of their prison.

Lucifer tuned to his brother, a gleeful grin on his face. "What did I tell you, brother? It was only a matter of time before the humans fucked up. I win so I win!"

"Now how did that bet go? " Lucifer added, resting a hand on his brother's shoulder as they made their way to the vapor-filled exit.




Above ground, the two Winchesters watched open-mouthed as the wave of darkness came rushing toward them.

"Dean..." Sam yelled.

"Run Sammy. Get in the Impala!"

The brothers took shelter in the car that had been their true home for as long as they could remember, holding on to each other as the blackest of nights fell over them.

Dean wondered what exactly they had unleashed, but when he met Sam's worried eyes he couldn't regret what he'd done. Sam was alive and at his side That's all that mattered.

However, not only had they killed Death and released this old/new evil onto the world but unknown to the Winchesters, also a pair of extremely pissed arch-angels!

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