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In The Darkness There Is Light. Chapter Three

When he came to, Sam found himself cuffed one-handed, with his own demon-holding restraints, to a bedstead.
Dean was leaning back on a chair facing him, his booted feet up on the mattress.

“Guess I don't know my own strength, Sam.
You've been out a lot longer than I thought you'd be. But.... now that you're back in the land of the living I've got a little proposal to put to you.”

Sam remained silent, knowing he was totally fucked. As if he'd read his brother's mind, Dean echoed his sentiments.

“Made a mess of trying to corral me, huh Sammy? You should've waited till that wing of yours was one hundred percent. Might have had a better chance then.”

“My arm's fine. The sling's just for caution,“ Sam said, pulling ineffectually at the steel tether. “And you can spare me the chatter. I want to talk to my brother, not you, and to do that I gotta feed you the cure.”

“Me? Chatty? You should spend some time in Crowley's company, He could talk the ears off a donkey.”

Dean's feet clattered to the floor and he leaned in towards his brother.
“Here's the deal, Sammy. You want me to go back to how I was, well, I say, why can't you become like me? After all, you were slated to become the Boy-king. Nothin' stopping you from reaching your apotheosis.
That way we can take Crowley out of the picture, close up Hell and have the place to ourselves. No more demons roaming the country, making deals and possessing people.
Do I have awesome ideas or not, little brother?”

The aghast expression on his sibling's features told Dean that Sam wasn't exactly euphoric about his proposal. But that didn't worry Dean. He wasn't expecting Sam to acquiesce willingly.

He could almost see the wheels turning in Sam's big brain, sifting through information, searching out new ways to 'save' him.

Dean wondered why he was even bothering. The logical thing would be to transport Sam somewhere far off, like Australia or Siberia and ditch him there, or do the even more sensible thing, as Crowley intimated, and kill him.

These last months he'd hardly given Sam a thought, caught up in this new dissolute lifestyle, into which he'd dived with great enthusiasm.

Crowley had been the one to bring up the younger Winchester in conversation a couple of times, but when he'd seen Dean's indifference, he'd stopped baiting him.

So why was he even suggesting to himself that Sam should stay with him?

Truth was, Dean was becoming exponentially bored with the life he was leading.
He enjoyed it, but it lacked …...something......., and now that Sam had strolled unwisely back into his perimeter, he realised it was the companionship, the trust he'd shared with his brother that he missed.

The King of Hell's hangers-on toadied up to Dean, some because they rated him useful, some because they were scared of him, others because in the event Dean decided he wanted to take Crowley's place, they'd be first in line for any promotions with the new Ruler.

As for Crowley himself, the reason the demon kept him near was because he presumed to control Dean and use him as needed. As long as Dean knuckled down to his orders, the demon was happy. If, on the off-chance Dean turned rogue, he'd be just as happy to eliminate him without a second though.

Dean was no fool. He nurtured zero hopes of Crowley's loyalty to him. They were useful to each other for the moment, but that could change in an inkling.

Of one thing Dean could be certain however, was that Sam, even now, shackled and at his mercy, was still faithful to him, would do his best to protect him, would never harm him.

He'd never find anyone like Sam to have his back. His brother was a resource, one, Dean mused, that he was going to take advantage of. All his brother needed was a little convincing.

As he continued to study his shackled sibling; the tousled hair; the earnestness of his gaze; the soft lips parted in hope of being able to save him; Dean felt a stirring in his loins.
The sensation was alien to him, odd, unexplainable, and completely new.

Why on earth should contemplating his brother affect his libido. Dean quashed the feeling down, filing it away for future reference.

“So, whatcha say, Sammy? You and me, the Winchester brothers back together?”

Sam regarded him with an expression of disgust mixed to incredulity.
“I say you're nuts. Yeah, I want us back together, but on my terms, Dean, as we were, hunters trying their best to fight evil.”

“Just how does that work with me? I'm evil. A monster. You should be trying to kill me, not turn me back into a miserable human.”

“You're my brother. I could never harm you. I want to save you, Dean. I'm gonna save you.” Sam declared resolutely.

Planking his feet back down onto the floor, Dean stood up.
“Here's what we're gonna do, Sam. I'm going to convince you that life with 'Demon Dean' isn't so bad.
You don't want to go full out Boy-king? You can be my human sidekick. Batman and Robin, demon style. Just think of all the fun we can have together.”

Sam scowled his disapproval with an acute bitch-face, making Dean smile. “Ah, Sammy. I forgot how much you amuse me. I don't know why I didn't come looking for you myself!”

“So, face-off!“ Sam declared. “What's gonna happen now? You can’t keep me handcuffed forever.”

“Hmm. Kinky,“ Dean hummed. And once again, he was taken aback by the unexpected twitch of his cock.
What the fuck?
He'd never had anything but brotherly feelings for Sam, added to the fact that he was straight! Only hot chicks had ever shared Dean Winchester's bed and body. So where was this coming from?

Sam was staring at him...waiting, but Dean was confused, he needed space to think this through.

“Got stuff to attend to, Sammy. Don't go anywhere. And don't bother looking for ways to get out of the cuffs, there are none.”

Ignoring Sam's surprised stare, he stalked out of the room, leaving his younger brother wondering what the hell had come over him.

Once the door closed behind Dean, Sam took stock of his surroundings. The room was anonymous, a classic motel room by the looks of it, merely a more luxurious variety than what he'd been used to.

He tugged at the cuffs, but at the moment he couldn't see any way of freeing himself.
The restraints were engraved and infused with a series of spells. Without the key there was no way of opening them. And unlike normal ones, they were impossible to pick.

Having his other arm in a sling didn't help, though to be honest, it was no longer necessary. He'd only kept it on to let his arm rest when he didn't need to physically use it.
Moreover, he'd hoped Dean's protective instincts, where his little brother was concerned, would come to the fore when he saw Sam hurt. Well, that idea had flown the coop! With a twist of his wrist Sam pulled his arm out and flexed it.
It was still weaker than its counterpart and he'd lost some muscle mass, but the break had healed well enough. For now, though it wouldn't be much use for any heavy lifting.

With an annoyed huff, he stared up at the ceiling, trying to focus on the positives.
He'd finally found Dean. He was with his sibling. Sooner or later he'd cure him and get his true brother back.

Meanwhile, outside, Dean was struggling with what had happened back in the room.

Strangely enough, distancing himself from his brother had made no difference, his cock was still half-turgid in his pants.
Collapsing onto a bench at the edge of the parking lot, he pushed up the sleeve of his shirt to reveal the Mark of Cain imprinted on his skin, red and pulsing as if with a life of its own.

Could it be the Mark which was affecting him in this way? And if so why?

He closed his eyes and leaned back.
Cain's face filled his mind. He'd been the most powerful demon ever, ferocious and merciless until he'd fallen in love with Colette. She'd curbed his demonic tendencies with that very love. Changed him, gentled his dark nature.

Dean gave a snort. He'd never felt such passion for any woman the way Cain had for Colette, nor would he ever.

The only person he'd loved in such an all-encompassing way was Sam. He'd sold his soul for his brother, and knew if he'd had to, he'd have done it again, despite the trouble the deal had caused.

But that was before he took on the Mark, before he was a demon. He no longer loved Sam as he once did, or did he?

He sighed.
Sam's reappearance had brought uncertainty into his new life. He could feel the old bonds tugging at him, the ones imprinted in his mind and body since he was a child.
'Look out for Sammy, Dean.” His father's words echoed in his ears as if it were yesterday.

He'd had three months of relative serenity without his brother in his life, but he knew they were over.
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