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SPN fic:- In The Darkness There Is Light

Dean is enjoying his new life as a demon. Wine, women and song a gogo. But when Sam walks back into his life it changes his priorities.
Chapter One

Dean stretched his muscles with a satisfied grunt, earning a minimum of space between the two women flush against his naked body.
He'd always had a thing for twins. Why content yourself with one when you can have double the fun? And this set of blond bombshells had fun down to a fine art!

With a click, the room door swung open to reveal Crowley, a garish bathrobe covering his unexceptional body.
Dean had unfortunately been witness to the nude exhibition of a rutting Crowley, and the sight still had the power to make him puke.
It was an experience he never wanted to be part of again. In fact, after that first time, he'd banished the demon from participating in any mutual sexual endeavours.... ever!

Crowley had grumbled and pouted, but Dean had merely stared him down with coal-black eyes, and the demon had puffed his assent.

“You don't want to share with the best shagger on the planet, Dean? Your loss.”
“I never want to see your bare butt within a hundred yards, Crowley. A second shock would kill me,” Dean had growled.

He couldn't give a flying fuck about the demon or his attitude.
If it wasn't for the fact that Crowley supplied him with idiot humans who'd sold their souls for the most futile of motives, to kill and feed the Mark of Cain, Dean would've flown the coop by now.
Crowley was supportable in small doses, very small doses!

“Your face isn't the first thing a guy should be forced to look at in the morning, Crowley. I thought I told you to keep away when I was having sex.”

“And I thought you might like to know the latest news on sweet little Sammy,” Crowley announced, sarcasm dripping from his voice. “Moosie seems to have gotten hold of my phone number. Gave me a tinkle. “

Although Dean's features showed no sign of acknowledgement, internally he froze at the mention of his brother's name.

“That's what you barge in here to tell me? Not cool, Crowley. Why should you think I'd want to know about Sam? I left him a note telling him to get on with his life, pukey as it might be.”

“Bloody idiot! “Crowley hissed. “If the kid has gotten hold of my number, it means he's closing in on me, and on you. Clearly your little good-bye note didn't have the desired effect. You'd be a fool to underestimate Gigantor. He can cause a shit-load of trouble. I don't need any more. Having one Winchester around is enough!”

“What do you want me to do?” Dean asked with a shrug, reaching out a hand to caress the perky ass-cheek of a sleeping twin. ”Trash your phone. Sam'll have to start searching from scratch.”

“Moron! I don't have to do anything! You deal with it. He's your brother. I don't want him snapping at my arse looking for you.”

With a put-upon sigh, Dean rolled nimbly over one of the twins to stand on his feet.
“I don't need this complication, Crowley. I'm too busy enjoying myself. I've left all that hunting crap behind me. Sam'll give up eventually. He's only one dude.”

“That 'one dude' beat Lucifer himself, Dean, so I wouldn't brush him off so lightly. He's the most stubborn arse I've ever come across. He won't stop until he finds you.”

Crowley was yelling now, loud enough for the two women to wake and target him with alarmed gazes.

“See, you're upsetting my guests,“ Dean drawled bestowing a toothy smile on the wide-eyed girls. “That bath-robe would scare the pants off an elephant, never mind these two beauties.”

He bent down to kiss the nearest woman, lingering for a moment as he felt his cock respond to the touch of her soft lips. Maybe a shower could wait. Now that the girls were awake, why not indulge in dirty sex, in every sense of the word.

“Get out, Crowley,“ Dean ordered pulling himself back up. “I've got better things to do than listen to your braying.”

The girl Dean had been kissing turned her head to nuzzle at Dean's cock, expertly tonguing it into her mouth.
He grinned over at Crowley. “As you can see, dude. I'm kinda busy right now. So, get your 'Limey arse' out of the room.”

“We're not finished with this,“ Crowley sniffed, peeved at being dismissed like a mere lackey. “If you're not going to take action and deal with your brother, then I'll put out an order to all my demons to kill him on sight. But.... Dean, be sure it's what you want. I don't need you whining when he's dead and gone.”

With a snort, the demon turned and flounced out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Dean allowed the girl to finish the magnificent blow job she was giving him, the second twin getting with the programme too, rising from the bed like a poor man's Venus from the ocean.
She draped herself over him from behind, running her hands and mouth down the smooth skin of his back until he came with a limb-shaking orgasm.
Oh, yeah, twins were definitely something else!

Only an hour later, freshly showered and shaved, did he allow himself to think back to what Crowley had told him.

It had been three months now since he'd abandoned the bunker in Crowley's company.
He'd toyed with the idea of disappearing without a word, but in the end, he’d written a note to Sam, hoping his brother, knowing he was no longer dead but resurrected thanks to the Mark of Cain, would let it rest.

But knowing Sam's mulish streak, Dean had feared his hope was in vain. And clearly, he'd been right. Sam wouldn't stop until he found him.

Dean liked his new life-style, women, booze, plus a vice he never known to possess- karaoke!
He'd no intention of ever returning to the piss-poor reality of hunting, but he knew if Sam turned up, his brother would try everything to change him back to the weakling he'd been.

All Sam needed to do was to inject him with human blood, not such a difficult thing to arrange, though his brother would have to trap and immobilize him first. That wasn't just quite as easy.

Did he want his brother eliminated, as Crowley suggested? No, Sam didn't deserve to die, but his sibling would have to accept that Dean was fine as he was, whatever it took to convince him!
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