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Brothers And Bartenders. Chapter two

Chapter 2

Chapter Text

Sam was blabbing on enthusiastically about the beauty of the wormhole while Dean just stood, stared into space and listened, marvelling at the ability of his little brother to still find awe in the sights and sensations of their daily life.

Three hundred years were a long time to live, and pretty well everything that there was to see or do, the Winchesters had seen and done.
When Humanity had moved into Space and individual space vessels had become as normal as cars had once been, the brothers had simply adapted to the times.

The Impala had given up the ghost after supplying the Winchesters with shelter and faithful service for many years, but Dean had kept many bits and pieces of his original Baby, incorporating them into subsequent vehicles.

The little army man and the Lego bricks took pride of place in their latest ride, as did the original dashboard and cassette player, and of course Dean's tapes. They were no longer functional but they were a reminder of what had been.

Now they had a state-of-the-art runabout, sleek and black like the original Impala and like her, Dean's pride and joy.
She no longer roamed the back roads of America, but the space lanes of the Federation and not only, detouring wherever the Winchesters took a fancy to go.

Dean regretted that he couldn't open the windows and feel the air on his face any more, but the velocity of his ship compensated a little for that loss.
".. and the colours were so radiant swirling around like a multi-coloured whirlpool," Sam was saying as Dean's attention focused back on his brother's words.

"Okay, Sammy. I'll admit it was astounding but just how long are you gonna continue?" he eye-rolled his brother.

"We'll stay here on the space station for as long as we want and then you'll get to have the full ride as we take the Impala through, although I hate to think of my poor ears then," he finished off with a grin.

"Right," Sam continued, eyes lighting up with interest.
"Before we go we're gonna have to get all the info possible. We don't want any nasty surprises along the way."

"Well, that's what I keep you around for, Sasquatch. Go make love to your computer while I go and get some Bar info and investigate the game they're playing over there at the Dabo table. "

"The fact that there's a fantastic looking girl directing the play has nothing to do with your sudden interest in the game, naturally," Sam smirked.

"You wound me little brother. You know my interest is purely professional, don't you?"

"Of course I do Dean, of course I do,” Sam scoffed, accessing the Station's computer using his own paper-thin Padd.
What a strange life they led, Dean mused, sauntering over to the Dabo table; not that it hadn't been strange from the day they were born! But now!

When he'd been thirty-four and Sam had been coming up for thirty, only God if he's still around, knows what happened. The fact is, he and Sam just never got any older.
While at first it was great, they were always in splendid form, their bodies remaining young and at the height of their strength, but then as the years started to pass rapidly and the few acquaintances they still had aged and died, it didn't seem so cool any more.
They had no idea why this was and no amount of research gave them answers.
Both he and Sam had died many times upsetting the natural order, and perhaps the powers that be had decided to punish them with eternal life for their insolence in not staying dead when they should have.

He and Sam had to have really pissed off someone big-time.
This Highlander wannabe thing sucked, though at least they weren't expected to carry three foot long swords about with them!
Would they ever die, he wondered?

He stopped for a second and looked back at Sam who was immersed in his reading, and smiled.
Ultimately, it made not the slightest difference; Heaven, Hell or Eternal Life! As long as he and his pain-in-the-ass little brother were together, it didn't really matter at all!
He continued on towards the table.

Sam was right; the Dabo girl was really beautiful. She had the nose ridges typical of the Bajorans but they only enhanced her looks.

In over three hundred years, Dean had seen all kinds, and had enjoyed one night stands with a variety of alien females, but he was a traditionalist at heart and the human-like women were still the ones that attracted him the most.

"Would you like to join the game, sir?" she smiled invitingly as he stood by watching the betting.
"I'd love to," he replied, giving her his most engaging smile "But I have to admit that I've never actually played before. Poker’s more my poison.”

"Don't worry," she answered gaily, ogling his handsome features and firm body, "It's not in the least bit difficult."
And neither it was.

It was just a glorified Roulette and in fact Dean had no trouble taking big wins from the house.

"Well," she commented." It's a good job you didn't know how to play. Quark would have gone bankrupt if you did."
"Beginner's luck," Dean smirked gathering his winnings and making his way back to his brother, his hands full of strips of gold-plated latinum.
"I see the Dabo table surrendered its secrets to you, Dude," Sam grinned.

Dean sat down and showered his winnings onto the table.
"After three hundred and thirty-four years of hustling, well, just about everything! It won't be a glorified roulette that'll stop me, Sammy!" replied his big brother smugly.
"Did you find out anything interesting in the Station's logs, Geek boy?"

"Well, yeah. It seems that smack in the centre of the wormhole lives a race of aliens which the Bajorans worship as Gods. They call them the Prophets.”

"Great, more Gods! That's all we need." Dean bitched.

"Ships go through without any bother so I don't think we'll have anything to worry about, Dean,” Sam observed.
"Huh! I'll be convinced of that when we're safely through to the Gamma Quadrant. Prophets! The very word gives me a bad feeling!"
Outwardly Sam was calm but in his heart he was just as wary as Dean of anything vaguely God or Prophet –like, but he was dying to experience the sensation of passing through the amazing Wormhole.

They would just have to be careful when they did decide to go!

Sam had always believed there had to be a purpose to their situation. Surely somewhere in this vast universe they would find an answer.

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