giacinta2 (deanandsam) (giacinta2) wrote,
giacinta2 (deanandsam)

SPN fic.- Sex and Meta. 100 word drabble.

Summary:- Meta brother baiting about sex on the show. gen

"When was the last time Sammy?"

"Contortionist sex with random waitress in the back seat of the Impala."


"Dude. That was seven episodes ago!" Dean chuckled.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Oh, right, Dean! All you've been offered recently is a little old lady at a retirement home."

"Hey. She had a real thing for me! Admit it, you're jealous, Sammy that chicks gravitate towards me. I even get the bad girls. Amara, dude!"


"Will you and she ...?"

"What?... With God's sister. No way!"


"Well, at least we don't have to take our shirts off," Sam declared.

The end.
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